When it comes time to pack up your belongings in preparation for moving home, you’re probably hesitant to pack any fragile or valuable items – just in case something goes wrong. But how do you safely transport things like glassware and plates without putting them at risk throughout the trip? Fortunately, we have a few tips to help you do just that.

How to pack plates and glassware

The most common fragile items we all have to pack up during a move are all our plates, bowls and glasses. You can’t simply stack them all up in a box – you’ll find them in shards by the time you unpack – instead, you need to make sure they’re packed securely in a padded box. How do you do this?

  • Plates: you should never pile plates flat on top of each other. Instead, each plate should be individually wrapped – bubble wrap is okay, but proper packing paper is best – and stood on their sides. Between each plate, place bunched up packing paper to provide extra padding. You should also line the bottom of the box with paper, and secure the box shut with strong packing tape.

  • Bowls: You should pack bowls in the same way you pack the plates, but take the extra step of bunching up packing paper and stuffing it inside each bowl.

  • Glassware: Each glass should be wrapped individually as well. Make sure the box is padded with crumpled packing paper, then wrap heavier glasses with paper. Wrap it fully, then stuff excess paper inside the glass to eliminate empty space. Do this with each glass, then place them carefully in the box with the heaviest ones on the bottom. Fill any empty space with crumpled paper and seal the box with strong packing tape.

How can a removals company help?

The chances of breakages will be much higher if you decide to take care of the packing without any help from a professional packing team. When working with a removals company, you’ll have two choices when it comes to packing:

A full packing service means all your belongings – including your fragile items – will be safely handled by trained professionals. Plates, glassware, lamps, electricals, artwork and more will all be treated with the utmost care, with specific packing techniques used for each item to maintain their safety throughout.

But if you choose to pack yourself, then you can protect your items by using packing materials supplied by your removals firm. Instead of using old boxes from previous moves or from friends and family, the packing boxes you buy from a removals firm are of the highest industry standards. They’re built with the express purpose of safely transporting your belongings from your old home to your new one.

Not only can you choose different box sizes, but you also have the option to purchase specific materials to further maintain the condition of your belongings. Instead of relying on old newspapers to wrap plates and fill boxes, use professional packing paper and thick bubble wrap. By using the same packing materials our team of movers would use, you’re doing the best you can to ensure your fragile belongings make it to their new home safe and sound.

If you need any packing advice from the removals experts, look no further than TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. We take great care when packing any household possessions, including fragile or valuable items which need to be treated with respect. Whether youd like us to pack for you or youd like to make use of our range of quality packing materials, simply contact our friendly team today.