A growing business needs an office space to match its ambition and facilitate future expansion. If your existing office doesn’t meet your requirements any longer, then it’s time to start looking for something that does. Arranging an office move is an entirely different challenge to a standard house removal, and will require ongoing, thorough planning starting months in advance.

To help you keep track of all the important considerations – and so you know exactly what an office move entails – we’ve put together this guide that should help you plan your office move from start to finish.

Two Men and a Truck growth

The beginning

Your first step is finding an office space which is suitable for your business. Think about:

  • Price – is the lease affordable?
  • Location – how will a change of location affect your workforce?
  • Size – chances are you’re moving to a larger office. Consider the current size of your company and your planned growth for the future, then choose an office space which will help you to grow
  • Facilities – How many power sockets are there? Are they easy to access? Will there be a kitchen? How many bathrooms? Does it have lift or ramp access for employees with disabilities? Consider every single logistical aspect regarding your business’ needs when looking for a new office space.

Two months to moving day – you’ve found the perfect space, now it’s time to get planning:

  • Assemble an in-house moving management team. These team members won’t be moving furniture or equipment, but they will handle internal communications and help to arrange different aspects of the move. Choose trusted employees from different departments so you know all your company needs will be met. Many of the tasks below can be divvied up between you and the rest of this crack team.
  • Figure out an initial budget for the move.

Six weeks to moving day:

  • Gather measurements of your new office space so you can start to plan the layout.
  • Get in touch with a reputable office removal company so they can arrange a site survey and quotation.
  • Once you’ve settled on your removals company, liaise with the assigned project manager as soon as you can to discuss the basic logistics.

Four weeks to moving day:

  • Devise the office plan for your new space.
  • If necessary, order new furniture for the new office and have it delivered a week in advance of the move date.
  • Have your electronic and phone lines set up in the new office.
  • Send out regular communications with your staff so they know how the move is progressing – no one likes to be left in the dark.
  • Also, let clients know about your plans through regular emails or phone calls.

Three weeks to moving day:

  • Let all your utilities and existing suppliers know about your move. From vending and coffee machine contracts to cleaners and maintenance contractors. Cancel ones you no longer need, and arrange to move ones you do.
  • Arrange for new suppliers if your existing ones can’t move their services to your new premises.
  • Draft up your change of address notices – consider mailing out an update directly to clients

Two weeks to moving day:

  • Arrange to have your broadband and phone lines installed in the new office so that all is ready to go on day one.
  • Send out your change of address notices and client updates.
  • Set up your post forwarding service.
  • Liaise with your telecommunication team and arrange to have phone numbers redirected – or have existing numbers transferred, if possible.
  • Meet with your staff and let them know how everything is going on. They’ll want to know key dates and timings, and take time to answer any questions your employees might have.

One week before moving day:

  • Have your removals company pack up all the important bits. Your project manager will help you plan what can be packed now and what should be left until later.
  • Visit the new office space to make sure any new furniture is in place and ready to go – and double check the floorplan to make sure all is going to plan.
  • Ask your IT technicians to prepare the necessary on-site computing equipment – server rooms, wiring and cable routing, for example.
  • Arrange for a final deep clean of the office so the space is left pristine after you’ve moved out.
  • Talk to your staff again and thank them for their cooperation and understanding.
  • One last update for clients, reiterating your new address and vital contact info.

Moving day:

  • With all in place, your removals company will execute the moving day plan with complete efficiency. Once everything’s been unpacked and moved into your new office, take a tour and make sure everything is as it should be.
  • Relax! It’s been a stressful few months but it’s all been worth it. Now you can get ready to welcome your employees to their brand new working environment.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® are fully equipped and experienced to manage your office move with complete efficiency. Not only do we provide a specialist packing service for all your office furniture and equipment, we will provide you with your own project manager to ensure nothing is left to chance. To find out more about our commercial and business removals services, simply contact us today.