When you decide to sell your home, you’ll be flooded with decisions and choices to make from the outset. You might be desperate to move and looking forward to selling your property as quickly as you can, but timing can often be everything.

Picking the right time of year to kick off the moving process can reap a range of benefits, and in this article we’re looking at whether or not there is a favourable time of year to sell your home.

Couple moving house, taking a break loading or unloading moving truck.

Maximise opportunity

Naturally, you’d prefer to maximise the value of your property once you’ve settled on moving. The housing market fluctuates throughout the year, and putting your home up for sale during one part of the year may be less lucrative than others.

Typically, winter is a bit of a drought for sales; people are more concerned with preparing for Christmas and the weather can put a lot of people off. After Christmas is usually better, with the new year presenting a great opportunity for homeowners wanting to make a fresh start.

Springtime is often seen as the ideal period to attract buyers; the weather is better and people aren’t yet jetting off for the summer. New buyers will have waited for the winter festivities to subside, and more people are actively searching for a new home. Targeting the spring, or the period before the summer holidays, may provide maximum benefits.

Avoid the summer?

The weather might be at its finest, with the lush green garden looking its best during the summer, but that won’t mean much without anyone around to view it. The summer holidays are the opportune time for families to journey abroad for a timely break, so you may find that your house attracts less buyers than other times of the year. It’s a quiet time where parents enjoy spending time with their kids, and arranging a house move won’t always fit in with their relaxing summer plans.

Before and after the summer are better choices for many. The end of the school year can be perfect for parents wanting to move without causing major disruption to their child’s school life. Buyers can use the spring and run up to the summer to find their new home with fewer distractions, so having yours on the market during this time can be very advantageous.

Best time to move

Of course, the best time to move varies from person to person. Patience is key when browsing the market and awaiting the right buyer. The spring and early autumn present excellent chances to buy and sell, but it’s always best not to rush things if you don’t have to.

You want to make sure that the whole moving process goes as smoothly as possible. If you rush your house to the market it will be tougher to sort out other vital arrangements – such as making sure you have a removals firm booked well in advance.

If you do fast track the listing of your property, you’ll have to be prepared for compromise. Lower valuations and offers will occur during market lulls, and chains might take longer if the timing isn’t ideal for other parties.

But once the house is sold and the contracts are signed, you can really start to push forwards. Choose a moving date and then get in touch with a reputable moving company to arrange a quote. Moving companies should be booked in advance to ensure you aren’t hit with any last minute delays, but some firms will still be able to lend a hand if time has become tight.

Just give the professionals a call and discuss your move, and they will try their best to offer a comprehensive removals service tailored to your requirements.

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