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House value doesn’t have to be a static number. There are a wide array of factors that can influence your house value, some aren’t under your control, but others are. In this article we’re looking at 10 ways you can add value to your home, just in time for that all important sale.

Fix up the garden

Before you get stuck in inside the house, it pays to focus on the outside. The garden is one of the most appealing parts of any home so the first thing to do is make sure it’s as neat and clean as can be. Some extra structure – paving, paths, decking or a patio – never goes amiss. It’s all about presenting the garden as a relaxing and versatile space to really attract buyers.

Make repairs

Buyers look for reassurance from a home, and glaring cracks, sagging drains, damp patches and other signs of wear and tear will put them off. Not only that, severe structural damage, or even minor damage that may pose a problem in the future, will tick down your house value after a survey. Nip this in the bud by meticulously repairing and resolving any issues you can find with your home, both big and small.


When selling a home, you’re presenting it to potential buyers. Show your home in its best light by decluttering as much as possible. Get rid of – or store away – personal effects and keep things spacious. Buyers will find it easier to envisage how the house will look once they’re moved in, which is an effective strategy. A simple declutter (or ‘depersonalisation’) can change the facade of your home, boosting its value more than you might expect.

Redecorate the bathroom

You don’t have to spend a huge amount to revamp existing rooms. A simple redecoration can be just as effective. The bathroom is a room you’ll want to focus on, so try to modernise it where you can. A new toilet seat, new taps, an updated sink, a power shower, new towel rails, these are all small scale upgrades you can make to improve your bathroom. While you’re at it, give the plumbing a once-over and make sure your tiling, sealants and flooring are all in top condition.

Repaint the house

It might take a bit of physical labour but repainting the house is quite a small monetary investment. Go all out and transform every surface you can. The front doorway is a prime target for a new coat, as are ceilings and wooden window frames – in addition to your walls. You should also add a new finish to garden timber such as fences or sheds. For interior painting a neutral contemporary theme is a safe bet, but aim to make each room feel spacious and light as a guideline.

Replace the front door

The front entrance makes a huge first impression; an old, outdated or unsecured front door can detract from your maximum value. Replace your front door with something more modern, and make a point of focusing on security. A strong and sturdy doorway with a reliable locking system is sure to impress. If a full replacement is too much, think about changing the door handle and improving the locks. Whatever your choice, make sure the final product still fits in and complements the rest of the home.

Add a conservatory

A popular proposition you might have heard before is adding a conservatory to maximise house value. It might seem surplus to requirements, building an extension for a home you plan to sell, but some homeowners have seen success by heading down this route. This one will require a lot of thought. If you do choose to add a conservatory, make sure it’s built by reputable contractors and feels like a natural addition to the home. A well built, attractive and – above all else – useful conservatory can be a clincher for some buyers, but that doesn’t make it a sure thing.

Go energy efficient

Improve the energy efficiency of your home to help it stand out. This an effective way of future proofing the property, which can be hugely appealing to buyers. LED lights and energy efficient appliances are immediate selling points so think about making them a priority if you can.

Go for a loft conversion

Some homes are perfectly suited to a loft conversion, and adding an extra bedroom, bathroom – or both – can add real value. Shop around, get some quotes and expert advice, and see how attainable a loft conversion would be for you. If it seems too complex and too expensive, it’s probably not worth it, but you might be able to have a relatively simple conversion performed which will open up a huge amount of space that would otherwise go to waste.

Study the market

In order to maximise the value of your home, you need the market to be on your side. The housing market does fluctuate so there will be lulls every now and then. Keep your ear to the ground and try to time your sale so it doesn’t clash with seasonal dead zones. Some homes will stay on the market for months – or even years – at a time, with their value slowly dropping bit by bit. Pay attention to the market to avoid this as best you can, that way you can attain maximum value instead of having to compromise.




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